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Owner : Kevin Moss

Email : kevin@ceohq.com

Phone : +27 82 771 1555

Address : 21 Fulham Rd, Cape Town 8005

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CAPE TOWN DROUGHT ALERT    “ Book with Confidence, We have Water”

Our Pools and Jacuzzi will remain full  with no rationing, & no pressure fluctuations ,as we operate our own independent natural spring
water filtration system, which is eco friendly .”

Hollywood Mansion

21 Fulham Road, Camps Bay,

Cape Town, South Africa


+27 82 771 1555


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Hollywood Mansion

{Hollywood Mansion}{21 Fulham Road, Camps Bay}{Cape Town}{8005}{Western Cape}{South Africa}{(027) 82-771-1555}
21 Fulham Road, Camps Bay Cape Town, Western Cape
Phone: (027) 82-771-1555